Wednesday, 1 June 2016


His words were blunt,
No mercy, no emotions in them.

He was perplexing, his looks
Were always searching for something.

He was incognitus to the world.

To her he was bloodcurdling.
He gave no respect to her,
There was an obvious reason behind it,
Which will come latter in the story.

She cried, “Leave me alone”,
But that only went in vain.

For if he ever saw his mother,
Would he understand a feminine's pain.
He was titled bad
From the very beginning.
For others, change is constant,
But for him, even if the world changes,
He wouldn't.

Finally the day came when,
She agreed to all his demands.
He let her know the reason behind all this,
She herself was shocked,
About what her now-dead-father had done.

~You get everything in life. It is you who missed the oppurtunity to claim it yours.~

Monday, 25 April 2016


It was fear again,
Who pulled the back gear.
Fear was well defined to be a mind game,
Who puts the heart on the aim.
And then the arrow,
Borrows some sorrow.

Then I gulped it down,
And she had a frown.
Its been years 
Of just too many fears.
Hears the ears.
And it was fear again who pulled the back gear.

Later it was,
When she had some cause,
Just for all her applause.
She lay down on the bed,
With all the ache in her head.
She could rest in peace,
If it would go with ease.

She knew it all,
But never made a call.
It would hardly make some difference,
Only if there was no reference.

She had put all her best and tried,
But never made the mistake to lie.
Lie came with a fear,
Which made me look into my past year.
Hears all this the ears and cries out loud,
But never came the crowd.

It was fear again,
Who pulled the back gear.

~ Every being on this planet has done something or the other which was a wrong decision, some can overcome it but some can't. There lies the difference~